6 responses to “Basic Pharmacology

  1. not too bad, felt pretty ready by the time that i sat the exam. the first paper was a lot more straight forward than the second paper. the viva was difficult from the perspective that there was often an esoteric angle but overall it was pretty fair.

  2. Hi,thanks a lot for this great website,answering the viva was a night mare for me,first time I visit here and I feel optimistic already 😉 can you Plz share with us how u prepared for the exam,steps u took, study hours everything u can share & if can also the ones u are reluctant to share I’m planning to take July 2013 and just started seriously reading thanks a lot

    • Hi there, I started in Feb 2011 for the March 2012 exam. I spent roughly 1000-1500 hours actually studying. Due to my work situation I wasn’t able to study group much which was a problem, but I did get along to the Adelaide Prep Course and the Christchurch anaesthetic prep course. The best advice I got was that if you did the work you would pass, which i believe is true. Reading the references widely is also very important. Finally give yourself a good chunk of time to pactice under exam conditions, it is really hard to write down all the information in only 10 minutes or talk on a topic in a viva quickly and succinctly. Good luck!

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