2014 First

Q2 Classify the calcium channel blockers and provide one example of a drug for each class (20% marks). Compare and contrast the pharmacology of nimodipine and verapamil (80% marks) (March 2014,

Q17 Sept 2011)

Q4 Describe the respiratory changes during pregnancy (March 2014)

Q10 Classify bacteria according to the Gram stain system and the shape of the bacteria, and give two examples for each classification (March 2014)

Q11 Outline the formation, structure and function of the adult red blood cell (March 2014)

Q23 What is the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)_ Discuss the physiological factors that can influence it. (March 2014)

2 responses to “2014 First

  1. Hey Chris
    You are probably completely over the primary stuff but wondering if you had the chance whether you would consider reorganising your SAQs under topics? It would make it easier finding the relevant Qs as most of us study by topic. I know its a big ask but I feel this is an excellent resource that is underused due its current layout.

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