4 responses to “Miscellaneous Topics

  1. Hi Chris,

    Overall a very impressive effort. Well done!

    I did note in your Viva1, the definitions of crystalloid/colloid are incorrect, as you have typed ‘solvent’ where ‘solute’ belongs. The solvent of either solution will pass a SP membrane – it’s the stuff in solution with the solvent (which might be the same) which varies.

    Kind Regards,

    • Thanks Mark,

      I have amended the page. I suspect that there are many more such typos/errors, many of the notes were compiled after many hours of study. It is great to get feedback from people so I can make corrections. When my current situation settles down a bit I hope to review the whole website and update and amend.

      Thank you as well for your Adelaide course, I attended in 2011 and it really put me on the path to studying and preparing for my primary. It was a great week and I have recommended it to many other trainees.

      Cheers, Chris

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