2013 First

Q1 List the different mechanisms of drug actions with examples (March 2013)

Q4 Describe the pharmacology of tranexamic acid (March 2013)

Q5 Describe the hormonal response to a meal (March 2013)

Q6 Classify the oral hypoglycaemic drugs_ include their mechanism of action, and their most significant side effects (March 2013)

Q8 Compare and contrast the mechanism of action, spectrum of activity and adverse effects of benzyl penicillin, metronidazole and clindamycin (March 2013)

Q9 Outline the functions of the kidney (March 2013)

Q13 Outline the effects of critical illness on drug pharmacokinetics. Give examples (March 2013)

Q15 Describe the pharmacology of naloxone (March 2013)

Q17 Compare and contrast the mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, and side effects of adrenaline, steroids, and antihistamines when used for the treatment of anaphylaxis (March 2013)

Q23 How do chemical messengers in the extracellular fluid bring about changes in cell function_ Give an example of a chemical messenger for each mechanism noted (March 2013)

Q24 Describe the mechanism of action, and side effects of THREE (3) classes of drugs that are used to increase uterine tone and THREE (3) classes of drugs used to decrease uterine tone (March 2013)

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