2011 Second

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2011 Sept 20

2011 Sept 24Q1 Describe the physiological consequences that follow an intravenous bolus of 50mls of 50% glucose (Sept 2011)

Q6 Describe the physiology of the Renin and Angiotensin system (Sept 2011)

Q10 Describe the pharmacology of magnesium sulphate (Sept 2011)

Q11 Outline protein metabolism, including the effects of starvation (Sept 2011)

Q17 Classify the calcium channel blockers and provide one example of a drug for each class (Sept 2011)

Q21 Outline the functional anatomy, and the physiological factors, that determine oxygen delivery to the renal medulla (Sept 2011)

Q22 Outline the mechanism of action of ampicillin, gentamicin, vancomycin and ciprofloxacin. How does resistance develop to each of these antibiotics_ (Sept 2011)

2 responses to “2011 Second

  1. Thank you for your excellent notes. I was wondering why there are missing SAQs in the later years – is this because of question repetition? Also, where did you find all the previous exam questions?
    Thank you

    • Hi Joanna,

      I produced the notes on my run in to the 2012 March sitting of the primary. As I was pressed for time in the end I answered the remainder of the questions in written form. Despite great plans to convert them to digital form I have become distracted with other commitments like a Masters, a primary sciences textbook and my fellowship exam. Watch this space however as a colleague of mine who has recently passed the primary has answered many of the missing questions and plans are afoot to published them on my site.

      Good luck with the study, Chris

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