3 responses to “Pharmacopeia

  1. This is a collection of 80 drugs which are all included in the syllabus. I have also divided them into their specified levels, but a note of caution on this; drugs such as phenytoin are listed as level B but are frequently examined so I would use the past papers to also guide you. There is additional information in my syllabus notes which contain alot of the drugs not represented here but identified in the CICM Formulary.

  2. I’m finding the pharmacopeia really useful. The neuromuscular blockers don’t seem to be included. Is this a deliberate ommision or are they available somewhere?

    • thanks matt, glad that you are finding the website useful. I didn’t put the neuromuscular blockers in my pharmacopeia notes because they are covered in the miscellaneous topic “neuromuscular junction”. cheers, chris

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