2009 First


Q3 Outline the factors which affect the onset, duration of action and toxicity of local anaesthetic agents (March 2009)

Q4 Explain how a normal, healthy adult regulates their body temperature (March 2009)

Q5 Outline the mechanism of action of drugs used to promote haemostasis (March 2009)

Q6 Describe the pharmacology of oxygen (March 2009)


Q8 Outline the anatomy relevant to performing a percutaneous tracheostomy (March 2009,

Q10 March 2012)

Q11 Describe the control of cerebral blood flow (March 2009)


Q14 Describe the factors that determine the sample size of a randomised clinical trial (March 2009)

Q17 Describe the physiological consequences of positive end expiratory pressure (March 2009)

Q18 Describe the factors that affect airway resistance (March 2009)

Q20 Describe the pharmacological basis of the management of organophosphate poisoning (March 2009)

Q2 Describe the production of carbon dioxide in the body (March 2009)

2009 March Q10

2009 March Q13

2009 March Q15

2009 March Q16

2009 March Q19

2009 March Q21

2009 March Q22

2009 March Q23

2009 March Q24

One response to “2009 First

  1. Q2 Describe the production of carbon dioxide in the body (March 2009) states normal VCO2 is 200ml/hr and VO2 is 250ml/hr – should be minutes obviously 🙂 cheers!

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