2010 Second

Q1 Discuss the physiological causes of early post operative hypoxaemia (Sept 2010)

Q2 Outline the principles of compatibility testing of blood for transfusion (Sept 2010)

Q4 Describe the cardiovascular changes during pregnancy (Sept 2010)

Q5 List the antiplatelet agents and outline their mechanisms of action, adverse effects, mode of elimination and duration of action (Sept 2010)

Q6 Outline the physiological consequences of a tension pneumothorax. (60% of marks) Describe the anatomy relevant to the insertion of an intercostal catheter. (40% of marks) (Sept 2010)

Q8 Outline the physiological consequences of an inability to produce insulin (Sept 2010)

Q9 Describe how the body defends against infection (Sept 2010)

Q12 Describe the renal handling of bicarbonate and the changes in urine pH along the nephron. (80% of marks) How is this affected by hypoventilation_ (20% of marks) 
(Sept 2010)

Q13 Define the following terms – Saturated Vapour Pressure of Water, Absolute Humidity, Relative Humidity, Latent heat of vaporization (Sept 2010)

Q14 List the muscles involved in respiration and briefly describe their function (Sept 2010)

Q15 Describe the physiological consequences of decreasing Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) by one litre in an adult (Sept 2010)

Q17 Outline the various cardiac reflexes and the mechanisms by which they maintain physiological homeostasis (Sept 2010)

Q18 Outline the consequences of mild hypothermia in a patient following major surgery (Sept 2010)

Q23 Describe the ionic events associated with a ventricular cardiac action potential (80% of marks). Outline how the action potential relates with the mechanical events of the cardiac cycle (20 % marks) (Sept 2010)

Q24 Classify antihypertensive agents by their mechanism of action, with a brief outline of each mechanism, and an example of a drug in each class (Sept 2010)

2010 Sept 03

2010 Sept 11

2010 Sept 19

2010 Sept 20

2010 Sept 21

2010 Sept 22

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