2012 Second

Q2 Suxamethonium is a non-competitive partial agonist. Explain what is meant by this statement using definitions of the underlined terms (Sept 2012)

Q3 Outline the anatomy and physiology of humidification during normal breathing (Sept 2012)

Q6 Describe the structure of surfactant (Sept 2012) Q7 Describe the anatomy of the antecubital fossa and peripheral veins of the upper arm relevant to a peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC) (Sept 2012)

Q10 Describe transport mechanisms across cell membranes. Give an example of each (Sept 2012)

Q13 Describe the effects of obesity on drug pharmacology (70% of marks). Give examples of drugs that illustrate those effects (30% of marks) (Sept 2012)

Q15 Outline the respiratory and cardiovascular consequences of an acute complete spinal cord transection at C6 (Sept 2012)

Q16 List the constituents of plasma and the functions of plasma proteins (Sept 2012)

Q21 Describe the physiological consequences of a progressive rise in blood carbon dioxide levels (Sept 2012)

Q22 Describe the factors that increase the risk of systemic toxicity of the amide local anaesthetics (Sept 2012)

Q24 Compare and contrast peptide and steroid hormones. Give four examples of each (Sept 2012)

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