Fellowship study material

DSC_3814Lets just get it out there – the fellowship exam is a lot more reasonable than the primary exam. You are learning basic day to day critical care management and there is a lot less esoteric stuff to get your head around. That said, there is definitely a technique to passing the exam and it is a distinct advantage to be at a major unit that invests in its trainees (thanks RNSH).

I found that the best resource to study from was the excellent Deranged Physiology by Alex Yartsov. http://www.derangedphysiology.com/main/  Also helpful was the Life in the Fast Lane stuff as well as ICN. I did use Crit-IQ as well but ultimately I used Neil Orford’s great monthly literature reviews the most which are available free on itunes. David Tripp also has some really good notes on the Wellington ICU’s website.

I have put together some notes basically using these resources (borrowing heavily from Alex’s website) and formatted it into single page answers for previous questions and some made up questions that we undertook with Anthony Delaney at RNSH.

Feel free to use and disseminate.

Fellowship Study Book

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