New Content!

The first new content has been added to this website in some time courtesy of rising star Jude Askew, a trainee at RNSH who passed the primary with flying colours at the most recent sitting. Jude has complied updated questions to many of the more recent SAQs in PDFs. Her answers to both sittings from 2009 and 2010 have now been added. Expect to see some more answered questions in the coming weeks as well as an update to the pharmacopeia. DSC_1187

On other news the website continues to hum along with the support of other critical care platforms such as and recently passed 100 000 page views!

3 responses to “New Content!

  1. Hi I am Edwin, a CICM trainee from Hong Kong. I find this site extremely useful. However, as there is virtually very few support in Hong Kong for the CICM exam, I would be grateful if someone could give me a little bit more advice on that. Thanks!

    • Thanks for your reply Chris! I hv thought of it before especially the one day exam preparation course but I guess it’s a bit exhausting to travel almost 20hours for a round trip flight for a one day course. There’s a 5 day course but it’s mostly didactic lectures, which I took a similar one last year in Hong Kong by prof peter kam, so maybe it’s somehow redundant. Rather, I would like to know more about topics which are not covered in standard anaes books e.g antibiotics. And in your opinion what’s the major difference betwee our CICM exam and anaesthetic one such as ANZCA?

      Thanks a lot!

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