Welcome to the ICU Primary Prep website

The aim of this blog is to provide some degree of support to candidates in the College of Intensive Care Medicine Primary Exam. I sat the exam in the March-May 2012 and the site represents the notes that I developed and the answers that I generated for the previous SAQs and VIVAs. At the time of publishing there is a paucity of clear information for CICM candidates (which has encouraged many to sit the ACEM or ANZCA exams). I hope that in the future the college will address this need more robustly.

This site should not act as a substitute for the reference texts. I would like to acknowledge the references used in the generation of these notes, many are from the textbooks that I have listed in the left hand column. I bought my books mainly from amazon and the book depository. I also used a couple of websites extensively. Kerry Brandis’ website http://www.anaesthesiamcq.com/ is excellent, especially for the past SAQs and his acid base tutorial is very good. Amanda Diaz developed a similar website to this for ANZCA candidates in 2008 which served as an inspiration for this website http://primarysaqs.wordpress.com/  The intensive care network is also developing web-based resources worth reviewing. http://www.intensivecarenetwork.com/

This website is not designed to generate any revenue but if there are any concerns regarding copyright please drop me an email and I will happily remove/modify/acknowledge. I am also keen to get feedback on any inaccuracies, some of these notes were put together after studying for 10+ hrs and there is more than likely errors that need to be addressed, especially if they pertain to content.

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